Amogh Symphony – Vectorscan (full album youtube stream)

September 17, 2014

Dear Friends and Fans,

Here we present the long-awaited Amogh Symphony’s third album “VECTORSCAN”. 3 years of work, exploration and finally it’s out. This album wouldn’t be possible without my brothers/partners in rhyme Jim Richman and Andrey Sazonov.

On this album my mission was to work with a orchestra-type line-up instead of just me doing everything in the songs. I started with “Abolishing the Obsolete System” where I performed/produced everything by myself, then Jim joined me and “The Quantum Hack Code” was made and finally, with Andrey joining us, i explored a complete new direction. The idea was to create something like mercury (liquid at normal temperature so that it can take any shape) out of experimental audio engineering, experimental hybrid/prepared music instruments from basic tools (Guqin guitar, Santoor-guitar, etc), advanced study and practice in music theory and how it all connects in the form of background music/soundtrack to a particular non-linear cinema of post-modernism or avant-garde genre. There are traditional microtonal parts where the visual thoughts were cosmic (nano- and pico-levels of matter of composition), ethnic instrumentation that visualizes the state of meditation, dark era classical music with a theater set visualization and a lot more which you will know once you finish listening to the entire album of 53 minutes run-time.

When i said “Mercury”, it’s because the tracks are kept “loose”. Keep it in a jar or in a cup, it takes any shape yet it’s always liquid and hence free and moving and cannot be separated or cut into pieces. That’s exactly how i imagined the production of “Vectorscan” while we were making it. As a reference to post-modernism, it has a time-machine visualization in the form of 50s-60s record vinyl audio appearance to modern digital audio appearance. 7 years of experience so far in Music Industry as Music Producer, Instrumentalist and Ghost Writer/Producer for Music Directors hence it’s natural to get a saturation point where you simply don’t want to create the same repetitive things that goes on in Music Industry. Initially, i wasn’t sure whether it’s right to just do your thing with your bandmates without thinking about likes and dislikes of dedicated fans and friends around the globe OR to create music that people like. It was a very tough decision because i know a lot of fans who truly loved Amogh Symphony’s previous albums will not like the direction we went with this album. Then Jim said “I like it, man. I want everyone to hear it whether they like it or not. But i am so proud of this.” Andrey said “I agree”. So basically we all decided to follow our hearts. Quite a sentimental line. Is anybody crying while reading this? Get a tissue.

For me, avant-garde is a state of mind where you begin to think after complete evolution. An edge of thought where you think of crossing the barrier once you’ve read and understood all instead of directly jumping to a new concept. A certain point where you believe knowledge could sometimes bring back some of the old concepts to replace some of the new ones. Fixing the mistakes of the neo-generation because the upgrade demands stability which neo-minds fail to execute due to lack of knowledge in history. It’s important to know “what all happened in all these years” before you think “what should come tomorrow”. A bridge between spiritual development and practical life where you can cosmic heal a disease yet you learn modern business statics. Basically, no boundaries. (READ FULL INTERVIEW AT )

I would like to thank everyone who made this record possible – Youri (Unhuman, ex-Cryptopsy) for his incredible monk chants, my Mother Kasturi Singh for teaching me about music and life and for her mindblowing vocals and for agreeing to collaborate with me, my belated Grandma for her incredible musicality and her book “Geetee Dhara” that inspired me to work more on the concept story, Goregaon Brass Orchestra, Venkat Iyer, Mathieu (Augury), Nikhil Nandakumar for the great carnatic microtonal violin, Andy Nesbitt for his haunting photography manipulation and FOLEY sound recording, Vasily Kuznetsov -the visual artist who worked with Andrey on the artwork, Ariel Samson for recording Nikhil, Manas Chowdhary for the guest bass duet performance, my partners-in-rhyme Andrey and Jim and, last but not the least, My Guru.

I would personally recommend everyone to hear this album for 2-3 times and then give it a break of one day and probably listen to it the very next day again to avoid coma, schizophrenia and sleep disorder. It has dark and eerie moments as well as positive moments but it’s certainly not a record to chill out and listen with your friends (they will probably think you are on drugs). Nobody in Amogh Symphony does drugs by the way.


And for those who want to read the storyboard, click here

We hope you will enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it.

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