IV (Part 1)

Release Date: May 7, 2019


01. His Master's Voice (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) [3:52]
02. Lonely Walk to Satyagraha [7:50]
03. The Art of Shapeshifting [6:00]
04. Everything Is Now - In the Eye of the Sun (feat. Writam Changkakoti) [4:25]
05. Escher's Reality Is a Low Hanging Fruit [5:44]
06. Mai Bhi Joker Banunga [6:16]
07. Farewell Father [4:30]


IV (Part 2)

Release Date: May 21, 2019


01. Cats Can in Narnia [3:20]
02. Birds (feat. Deep Saikia) [3:57]
03. Enduring Freedom Since 1947 (feat. Sean Reinert) [6:00]
04. Draining Colours from the Rainbow While Dancing Between Raindrops [5:46]
05. Drone-Bomb Acharya (The Bombmaker's Song) [5:19]
06. Third Eye Awakening (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) [7:48]



Release Date: September 16, 2014


01. Desolate [2:27]
02. Junaki, Osinaki, Dhumuha, Saki (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) [5:22]
03. Consume Ectoplasm Before It Runs, Resume Chakras Because It Burns [1:44]
04. Bliss of the Weak, Strength to the Peak, Teach for Humble, Soil Will Rumble (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) [4:54]
05. We Are Here, They Are Here, Sector of Nectar, Feeding Vector [1:12]
06. 1289, Voyeur Will Shine, Fight for Distinction, Evolution Is Mine [6:23]
07. Osir [2:05]
08. Mayamohey Bhora, Aey Dhorat (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) [5:56]
09. Tongue of Fire, Burning Wings, Torment Dormant, Breaking Black Rings [6:13]
10. Weather Report, Shortening of Days, Change Their Minds, Clash of Rays [4:23]
11. Maatir Manuh Ami, Maatirey Jibon, Matirey Gao Joyogaan Pt.1 [2:18]
12. Maatir Manuh Ami, Maatirey Jibon, Matirey Gao Joyogaan Pt.2 (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) [4:49]
13. Onamika (feat. Kasturi Nath Singh) [4:44]


The Quantum Hack Code

Release Date: December 25, 2010


01. Intro - The Fall of World Defence System [1:52]
02. Dvorzhetskii's Prophecy [4:55]
03. Osiris 1 [7:02]
04. The Quantum Barrier Code Interpretation by Mainframe [5:43]
05. Polymorphic Infection - Releasing Proteus [5:07]
06. X-Karna: Activated [5:20]
07. The Nullification Method: ONI vs. Proteus [6:00]
08. Decoded: Karnosiris [8:37]
09. The Collapse of Q-Web and Osiris 1 [3:20]


Abolishing the Obsolete System

Release Date: April 1, 2009


01. Opus After Genocide [3:30]
02. Cyborg Activation [6:10]
03. Greenhouse Effect [4:52]
04. Abolishing the Obsolete System [6:50]
05. Phase Canceled [4:32]
06. Swallowing the Infected Sun [5:41]
07. Post War Symphony [2:12]


Singles, EPs, Remixes, Soundtracks

Release Date: 2017-2019

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