Vectorscan (Storyboard)

September 17, 2014


We believe we made civilizations. We educated ourselves. We think we created politics. We’ve done good to ourselves, we’ve done bad to ourselves. We think, we believe it’s all under our control… except few who believe in “The One”.

In a world of bio-medical research, diseases and wickedness, the hope of having the first generation of purest human form.


[ Winds. Air running through empty rust water pipes making whistle noises… metallic pipes ringing in silent factories… low pitched baritone monk voice appears ]


The Q-Web disappeared and it all seemed fine. The machine was destroyed by Karna. A new beginning is what we all believed. We restart building everything. But is there something still not right? We are free, we live, we don’t love each other anymore yet. We’ve forgotten Karna. Where is Osir? Are you sure we won this war? Or there is a beginning of a new war about which we are unaware?

Time : Twilight, Karna and Osir standing face to face with each other. Location : A broken bridge in the middle of an empty road towards the country side.

Karna: I cannot make them believe that this isn’t over yet. They don’t remember me at all. Their children abolish my existence. They’ve been educated to stand tall. They’ve been told that it was a lie. The war was a lie. But I know you will never succeed and you will be thrown back to Hell, Osir. That’s what your destiny is. You cannot change that.

Osir: The “Kalyuga” is not over yet, Karna. You cannot save them. I am going to rule the forces of darkness, I will be the leader, I am the future, I am depression, I am anger, I am crime, I am hatred. I am aware of your powers. But can you show me where is your target? Me? HAHAHAHAHA. Don’t you see a part of army is ruling their minds in the form of atheism and arrogance? I’ve made them too busy in their lives that they shall never understand why and how the days are getting shorter with every year.

Karna: The days….indeed. Time is equal for both of us, Osir. The day humans will believe that you’ve been involved since the formation and evolvement of Human Civilizations, they will realize that their science is past and their evolvement is cursed.

Osir: And who is going to make them believe? You? HAHA. They don’t even believe in your existence, Karna. I’ve put so much arrogance and pseudo confidence among them that they believe themselves to be superior. It makes my work easier to possess their bodies and consume their souls. Hmmmm I must try to possess and consume a lot of soul….you know I am greedy.

Karna: You’ve already done that with Hitler’s mind. Don’t lie, you scum.

Osir: That wasn’t me. That was another Brahmarakshas. I have played my game and turned him into a slave in the army because he failed in the end of World War II. This time, I am aiming for a much bigger and larger Genocide. I need more lives. And you can’t stop me.

Karna : Before that, I will change their minds. You just wait and see how I burn each and every soldier of yours to ashes and send them back to the Third Eye. Look, he is still waiting for your ashes. *Laughs*


[ Radio transmission distortedCicadas and Frogs make noises, everything suddenly reverses and inverts in between by increase in speed, low pitched baritone monk voice appears again. Radio transmission distorted ]


Karna: You just can’t. Once their souls will look at mirror, they will energize even inside their bodies made of flesh. Once they realize that it’s the body that is possessed by your negative forces, they will feel no pain, no sorrow, no disease, no anger. They will come to know about your existence that you’ve kept hidden since decades to them. As per rule, once they are aware of your deeds, your power limit will be reduced to 40% in every form of your army.

Osir: We will see, Karna. We will see. *Vanishes*


Time : Morning 4 am. Location : Mountains of Himalayas.

[ Karna’s disciples/students in deep meditation with him. They open their eyes and look at each other. ]


Karna to his students : We have an army of darkness to fight against. We are not just the shield but also we are the weapon. We must search for more people who can understand the game of maya. We must search for more people who can detect. We must feed the orphans.

Student 1: It’s an ocean. I do not understand how can we?

Student 2: Like extracting salt?

Karna: Exactly. The salt is soul. One must extract the soul.

Student 3: But why Orphans?

Karna: Needs of mankind. Needs of an individual human. Soul needs nothing except food.

Student 4: What food?

Student 5: Love and blessing from other souls. Souls who live under the flesh-made bodies of poor, homeless beggers, orphans, disables.

Karna : Resources need to be distributed equally. The balance is what we must bring back. Their souls want to distribute their powers among us. Their faith is reality. We.

Student 1: We must seek their blessings to increase our power, to maintain peace, to maintain equality

Karna: …and to strengthen the shield.

Student 4: They say peace is not just in heaven. But Hell is trying to duplicate.

Karna: You 5. Spread among earth, wind, fire, water and sky. There are more kinds like you all. Bring them here.

All students: YES MASTER!!!

Student 1: But what about the non-earth beings?

Karna: The last war is going to happen on Earth. And the Great Third Eye is waiting for their ashes. The forces of darkness will turn into ashes. He is waiting. The time is near.

[The Monk soul energy agrees and the Goddess sings tale of how mankind destroyed her sister Earth’s resources..she cries with anger…horror of natural disaster…blaming evil powers for controlling their minds….she cannot wait to watch demons burning into ashes. ]


[ Time : 12.00 am, Radio transmission distorts. Location : Wireless net covering Earth, Satellites, Cellphones, Television, Shadow of an unknown creature crawls, Nose snorting, Nuclear Reactors, A record player reverse plays a jazz trumpet piece, distorted voice of a radio commentator……Osir spreads like shadow ]

Time : Evening 8 pm. Location : Presbyterian Hospital, New York. Patients screaming. Slowly entering the corridor.

[ Noises of screaming patients vibrating in the large corridors of Presbyterian Hospital. A strange/unknown shadow covers the walls and lights starts diming. ]


Dr. Onamika is consulting with a team of doctors discussing about patients showing symptoms of medically known diseases yet the equipments and test failed to detect the disease in patients. She believes there is something wrong and all this are not natural at all.


Dr. Onamika: Dr. Bell, did you find any result from the tests of patient number 403?

Dr. Bell(puts his glasses on and displays examination files) : There is absolutely no symptoms of brain malfunctioning in this patient. He just keeps talking about shapeshifters replacing humans. I think we must try electric shock. His physical strength is abnormal. I am confused.

Dr. Mac(smiles and laughs): ….hahahahaha you mean he is possessed by some ghost? Hahaha …nice joke Dr.Bell.

Dr. Bell(ignores Dr.Mac): Look I don’t believe in all this crap but whatever happening with these patients is unexplainable. We have the best technology yet it all just failed to find out what’s wrong with these patients. We have to answer their families too.

Dr. Ahmed: I did a bit research on the symptoms and from what I’ve known, a lot of these patients have similar symptoms of soldiers and citizens who were admitted in hospitals for treatment during World War 2. Strange, these symptoms were not researched by Medical Science after the war got over. Were they hidden from medical science?

Dr. Onamika(looks at the window/city view) : What we see is not real and what reality is….we are not seeing, Dr. Ahmed.


[Record player runs slowly, Backward Images from World War II appears somewhere in a Television, distorted image of a destroyed city, the images of WWII stops at a black and white picture of Adolf Hitler’s childhood, suddenly the record player plays backward, image of half burnt and half chopped people crawling on the ground, a bomb drops and blast happens, leaving a burnt wooden door slightly moving back and forth.]


[violin starts]

Osir was constantly possessing, consuming minds and bodies of the living rapidly. With time, with years, his skills to possess a human mind without making him or her realize that he or she is possessed becoming advanced. Depression, lust, Suicide, Intoxication, Sarcasm, Atheism, controlling creator minds, from Narcotics to Allopathic medicines, his disciples among corporate. Politics among the negative forces – where one demon eats another demon to prove themselves superior. They taught human minds to do the same. But some minds couldn’t be controlled. A certain percentage of the possessed ones who became severe patient mental depression couldn’t take it any longer. As a consequence, there was a higher number of suicides. Osir then consume their souls to turn them into vampires. Another percentage of possessed minds were in full control under Osir’s ectoplasm with arrogancy, voyeurism and dark humor painted in their practical lives. Osir’s ectoplasm was gaining his strength yet he had a fear that it may go out of control(like how he disobeyed Mainframe and destroyed Q-Web). And his biggest nightmare in the form of positive forces…..Karna.

Osir with his disciple, army of darkness: With climate, mind changes, heart changes it’s emotions, they lose their battle against the enemy they are not aware of. And what do we do?

Army of Darkness: We take away their mind and body, feed them pain, sorrow, anger, arrogance, hate, lust, revenge and we make them believe to blame on God. HEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Osir: They do not know, they do not know we exist, they do not believe on Father and Mother…and Brother and Sister. We made them believe that there is nobody in this Universe except them. Isn’t it funny? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…hussssshhhh.

Army of Darkness: We control the climate and yet they do not know.

Brahmarakshas: It’s the third….war….the last one.

Osir: Yet you be my slave HAHAHAHAHA

Brahmarakshas(roars): Nooooooooooooooooooo…..I shall win this war. With more soul consumption, I will degrade you, Osir.

Osir: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA First let the war begin. We will see who is worthy to become the God of Darkness.


Dr. Onamika sleeping on her bed. The monk chants. 7 bells ringing in a temple. 

Narration: Onamika is Oracle’s birth as human. She doesn’t know about it. She often sees dreams. Little Onamika insisted her parents to believe her. *A flashback to her childhood*

Psychiatrist: What do you see, Onamika?

Little Onamkia: I see numbers. Those creatures? Uncle Wayne did not die due to accident. It was the bald man with wings who possessed his car.

Psychiatrist: May be it was just a coincidence?

*Psychiatrist looks at the comics lying on her table.*

Listen to me Dear. Your just having bad dreams, okay? Everything is fine. Everything is alright. Your Uncle’s death was God’s wish. He wants you and your family to be happy….like God. So do not think much about it.

Onamika’s parents: We love you, sweetie. *hug little onamika*

Little Onamika *looks at psychiatrist*: Are you one of them?

Psychiatrist *smiles*: No

Little Onamika: Then why are you hiding your wings?

[Everyone in the room …silence….strangely looking at her]

Psychiatrist: My job is to cure people who have mental and psychological issues. You are a smart little girl, aren’t you?

Little Onamika *whispers to his ears* : You are here to convince my parents by telling them that I am sick because you are afraid. It’s the end of dark age. We’re coming. You killed my Uncle because that’s all you can do. The Third Eye is waiting for your ashes. I am going to tell you for what you are here today – There will be no darkness, no more destruction of innocence, no more pain, no war and your master is insecure. You all are going to be burnt. There is no hell for you all. You all are going to be sucked into the Black Hole first. And you cannot kill me. *points towards the mirror*… see who is up there? You know him very well, don’t you?

Little Onamika’s parents: What’s happening? What’s going on? What is she saying?

Psychiatrist: She is a mental patient. I insist this injection. She will be asleep for few hours. Don’t worry. She will be fine once she gets back to her sense.

(Before Psychiatrist touches little onamika,  a circular form of fire around her body appears)

(Psychiatrist roars and turns into his demon wind avatar…..visible to her parents as well…touch their hearts with the tip of his thumbnail, breaks out the window and disappears)

* Little Onamika screams watching her parents dying with cardiac failure*

Little Onamika looks at them: mooooooooooom…daaaaaaaaaaadddyyyyyyyyy.

Dr. Onamika wakes up from her dream, looks at the clock and picture of her parents and her belated husband. She dresses up for her husband’s funeral. She cries and suddenly she sees someone with wings standing on the backside of a tree looking at her. The man with scaled wings murmurs : “It’s God’s will. Accept it.”


Karna travels as a begger. His army of disciples divided to different corners on Earth. They start with aiming haunted areas around the world, capturing and burning the demons, killing sorcerers and tantricks, curing unknown diseases by permanently eradicating at nano and pico levels of matter composition. But soon he realized the size of army of darkness is 70 times bigger after all massacre done to them.

Osir: Still much bigger….stronger….kill…but how many? Tell me Karna…HAHAHAHAHA. How about this?

[White noise]

(Different views of people commiting suicides…..girl jumping from the 12th floor, 12 years old boy consumes Rat poison, teenager gets hit by a truck…many more)

(Seven Grand Bar view. Almost empty. Few people around. No music. Bartender changes Sports channel to BBC)

Old man Nathan while watching News on TV : There is something wrong about too many youngsters dying young with disease and mental breakdowns. God bless their souls.

Bartender Guy: Ahhh come on, Ron….. What God are you talking about?

Old man Nathan: God does not want it’s people to suffer and die.

Bartender Guy: you think too much. And this is your last drink, Nathan.

Old man Nathan: I wish what you just said becomes true, young man.

[Souls of suicide victims crawling…..jumps at each other….cries…try to hurt themselves…tormented…Osir’s shadow with wings..standing towards hallway with glowing eyes wide open….points at the cities, villages and sorcerers……each one of them slowly rots and turn into vampires….]

[….Sorcerers in different corners of the world….with naked corporate officials and celebrities waiting in the hall….hailing…..little children of age 5-10 gets kidnapped by Goat-hailers…]

Pakhongba(One of Karna’s shapeshifters) appears as serpent shape firenado set fire to the vampires….they disappear….At 4 am(showing the clock), Karna walks in to Sorcerers locations and kills everyone including the celebrities and the corporate people. The mission gets done sharp at 5 am with Sunrise.

Karna sits down and thinks : Is there any way? A perfect target? Who can locate? I can destroy their physical existences but how can I change their minds?

[Karna calls his Guru. He appears. They talk to each other]



Karna: I can destroy the realms of the negative. I burn them all to ashes. But I do not know how to ignite their souls from the darkness. Tell me what should I do, Guruji.

Guru: Seasons….my son…the climate…the earth…the sky…the air.

Karna: We partially control earth, wind, sky, fire and water. I still do not understand what are you trying to say Guruji.

Guru: Indeed, you do have the control with your force against darkness. But did you ever think “is there any other use of something that keeps changing in it’s own?”

Karna: Climate, Season, Day, Night….

Guru: Temperature, biological changes, changes in emotions…..have a look, Karna.

Karna: His woe to earth and sea because…..

Guru: …his time is short. Days are getting shorter. The rays from both the realms will clashing and the point where they intersect each other, it changes everything.

Karna (disappears with his force) : I got it, Guruji. Thank you so much.

Guru: Remember…..she is here…on Earth. You have to stop her tears.

Karna: I will.

Karna watches the demons traveling through human bodies and conquering their minds. He changes the seasons and starts affecting weather throughout Earth. Osir sends heat radiations to magma under Earth…as a result, human emotions turn negative…more crimes around the world..temperature starts going up….ice meltdown in equator and volcanoes start erupting. Karna sends more force bringing the temperature down, changing emotions of people from anger to peace, motivating humans with positive hope….Global warming under control. Osir fades out to nano anc pico level of matter composition.



Osir appears in front of Karna: Why do you want to save mankind? Tell me one reason why would you, Karna? You think they will remember you? You will get nothing out of them. Look at them. Hahahahahaha. This is what we should care for? They hurt each other for greed, lust, anger, revenge….they destroy each other…..they did not care for their Mother Earth….they pollute and spread like a disease…so much space to these worthless creatures.

Karna: They are souls. Same souls from Satyuga who were sent back on Earth to connect with each other to form this race that will help other kinds like them. It’s Father’s wish. You and me cannot change that wish. They are going through the cycle and I am not going to let you poison the veins of energies that create life. Never!!!!

Osir: You cannot stop me. In front of you, I will make them realize their evolution is mine but it’s a curse for them. Hahaha. They’ve polluted their so called Mother Earth. And now, watch Mother Earth sending them to me. Hahahahaha.

Karna: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Osir shakes the ground with his forces of darkness and everything shatters. People start running for their lives. News report telecasts and reports Earthquakes.

Tired Dr.Onamika comes out from the hospital. Watches people running for their lives. Ground shaking. She looks at the sky and sees Osir’s flying shadow.

Onamika: You have to stop. Your destiny is hell. You have to burn forever.

Osir (comes back in human form): Finally, we meet, Onamika. Do you believe whatever happened to your family was not right? Were you the reason for everything?

Onamika (in tears): I’ve lost everything….even my husband. I have so many questions to ask.

Osir: It’s him. He did that to you and your family. It was all a part of the game. To control, to win. So what? So what if it’s a sacrifice for mankind? You did not deserve that, Onamika. You did not deserve those sacrifices of yours.


Onamika screams and turns into Mahakali and creatures from the underground comes out and start destroying everything. Osir smiles. Onamika screams:

“I’ve given everything. I did not want to be born. Nobody felt my tears. My family, my love…I’ve lost all of them yet you watched everything like a statue. I disobey you. In front of you, I will seek revenge. It’s revenge of a daughter…it’s the revenge of a mother….I am going to destroy this planet. Arrrrgggggggggghhhhh (uncountable demonic creatures scream and eats up everything)

Karna runs and enters… stands in front of Onamika

Karna: “Stop, O Ma. This is not fair. You should not let your emotions enrage your anger. The Kalyuga’s beginning will start from you. You have to save innocence, humanity, Earth and you must destroy Osir’s wickedness. These are children of your twin sister Earth. Stop….”

Onamika: They’ve disrespected all the sacrifices and motherhood of my twin. They need to be punished. I am hurt. There will be no longer living things. No more fight between you and Osir.

Osir: If we are meant to be destroyed before Kaliyuga, I am fine but even you will never win, Karna. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Karna: Is this why you were born, mother? Is that all you can do for your children?

Onamika stops. The creatures stops. Earthquakes stops. She falls down on her knees.


Onamika: Yes. I must stop.


Karna: Listen to your heart, it’s the maya of physical form. Osir conquered your human mind. You must remember The One. You have to choose between one of us, O Mother.


Osir: YOU CANNOT STOP ME FROM MAKING KALIYUGA ETERNAL…..NEVERRRRRRRR!!!! I SHALL REBORN INTO HUMAN FORM AS YOUR BIOLOGICAL SON AND DARKNESS WILL REMAIN FOREVER(demons in uncountable forms spreads as darkness, conquers minds of every human, people start killing each other, diseases spread rapidly, suicides)

Onamika: Like I said, there will be no Earth to conquer, no lives to save or destroy, nothing to destroy.

Karna: Noooooo……


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